PES 2020, Guide to new controls: Knock on, Veil, Roulette, Fake stop

PES 2020 Demo

In eFootball PES 2020 a series of new controls have been introduced to perform moves such as Knock On, Velo, Roulette, Step over and Finta stop. In this mini-guide we explain how they work, so you can use them better during the games.

After having talked about the new skills like Chest Stop, Elastic Reverse, and Fake Pass, below we show you some of the new commands introduced in PES 2020 to make moves like Knock on, Velo, Roulette, and Finta stop.

How to perform the Knock on

The Knock on is a simple trick to use and is very effective in controlling the sphere to sweep or prepare a net conclusion. To execute it you will have to press R1 / RB and R2 / RT when the ball arrives, making sure that the receiving player is completely stopped waiting for the ball.

This move will be more difficult to use in the opponent’s half, as you will be pressing the rivals ready to blow the ball. There is also an alternative method to carry out the Knock on, even if not always 100% working: keep the left stick towards the direction of arrival of the ball, as usual with the receiver completely stopped.

How to run Roulette and Step over

With R2 / RT it is possible to make fakes like Roulette and Step over. To perform Roulette, in addition to keeping R2 / RT pressed, you will have to rotate the right stick 360° and use the left stick to control the direction of movement of the player.

To carry out the step over, keeping R2 / RT pressed, you will have to rotate the right stick from low-left to low-right, and in this case, also use the left stick to control the player’s movement. Both fakes can be used to confuse opponents and bypass them, so as to make your way to a conclusion, a cross or a pass.

Fake Neymar

In PES 2019 the fake Neymar was a prerogative of the Brazilian playmaker of the same name, but now it is possible to perform them even with the most technical players like Thiago (in this regard it may be useful to consult the list of the 50 strongest players of PES 2020).

The side roll, for example, can be made by keeping the right lever above and below with the left stick on the right. The same applies to the other directions of the race: with the right stick, you will have to determine the direction of the roll, while with the left stick you will have to choose the direction of the race.

How to perform a Veil and Fake stop

To perform the pretend stop you can press R2 / RT without touching the left stick, so as to slide the ball under the player’s legs. Alternatively, you can press L1 / LB and shortly after R2 / RT to run the Veil and get the ball to another mate.

How to face the door with the Stop

To face the door with the Stop you have to press R1 / RB to turn your player towards the opponent’s goal. In this way, the ball carrier will immediately be ready to advance, serve a partner or conclude a goal.

How to release the ball with the goalkeeper

When your goalkeeper finds himself with the ball in his hands, you can release the ball on the ground by pressing R1 / RB twice. In doing so, the far defender will be ready to serve a companion with a low pass or to sweep the ball with a long throw towards the opponent’s half.

Speaking of the other special moves available in the new Konami football title, we remind you that on our pages we also explained how to perform Finesse dribbling in PES 2020.