PES 2020: how to do Chest Stop, Elastic Reverse and Pretend Pass

PES 2020 Demo

After having explained to you how the Finesse Dribbling works, in this mini-guide of eFootball PES 2020, we will show you how to perform the chest stop, the reverse elastic and the fake step, some new skills introduced in the new football game of Konami.

To perform these moves in the field, you just need to follow the simple instructions given below, helping you with the vision of the movie proposed at the beginning.

How to perform the chest stop

The chest stop can be performed only by the most technical players, in this case by players who have a ball-control value over 90 (in this regard, we remind you that on our pages we have proposed the list of the 50 strongest players in PES 2020).

To perform the chest stop you will need to press and hold R3 to make the player lift the ball from the ground. Once the ball is in the air, release the R3 button and hold the L3 button in the direction of the run. After performing a chest stop, you can combine this move with other actions and feints like passes, dribbles or conclusions.

How to perform the elastic Reverse

The elastic Reverse is presented as the special version of Cristiano Ronaldo’s elastic. You can do it while facing your opponent, keeping the right stick at the top right and then pressing the running direction in the lower right corner at the same time. Again, you can link this move with other abilities like dribbles and feints.

How to perform the Fake pass

The Finta of passage is a good move to disorient and overcome the opposing defenders. To execute it, press the firing or cross button, and immediately before hitting the ball, press the filter passage button (or the high filtering passage).

The best situation to perform this feint is when you are running ball and chain, and you see at last a space to perform a pass. We also point out that it is possible to make a pretense of passing in free kicks, so as to catch the opponent’s defense by surprise.