Pokemon GO: how to capture chromatic Mewtwo (Shiny), Guide to the Raid

Pokemon GO: how to capture chromatic Mewtwo (Shiny)

Thanks to the third week of Ultrabonus, Mewtwo will appear in the 5-star Raids in Pokemon GO until September 23rd, also in its chromatic variant (Shiny). In this mini-guide we explain to you how to prepare yourself to face the Raid, indicating the best attacking Pokemon to deploy on the field.

Until 22:00 Italian time on Monday 23 September, all Pokemon GO coaches will be able to face Mewtwo in 5-star Raids. With a little luck, the creature can also appear in its rare color variation (Shiny), allowing players to add it to their collection.

The challengers will have to prepare adequately since the Pokemon will have at its disposal also the Psicobotta move.

Best Pokemon to use against Mewtwo in the 5-star Raid

Since Mewtwo is vulnerable to Coleopter, Dark and Ghost type attacks, the best-attacking Pokemon with their moves to use in the Raid are:

  • Gengar: Ombrartigli, Shadow Ball, Lick, Sciagura, Sbigoattacco
  • Giratina: Ombrartigli, Palla Ombra
  • Mewtwo: Psycho Cut, Shadow Ball, Confusion
  • Tyranitar: Bite, Crunch
  • Weavile: Fake, Ripca
  • Banette: Ombrartigli, Sciagura, Shadow Ball
  • Absol: Urlorabbia, Neropulsar
  • Houndoom: Urlorabbia, Sgraniccia, Ripicca
  • Pinsir: Coleomorso, Tagliofuria, Scissor X
  • Mismagius: Shadow Ball, Neropulsar, Sbigoattacco, Sciagura
  • Yanmega: Coleomorso, Hum

To increase your chances of success, we advise you to face the Raid in the company of other well-equipped coaches, in order to join your strength. Using the creatures and moves listed above, you will be able to inflict much damage on Mewtwo, bringing you closer to victory more quickly.

How to capture chromatic Mewtwo (Shiny)

Once you have defeated Mewtwo in the Raid, the Pokemon will appear in the wild to be captured. At this point all you have to do is use the Pokeballs and Berries at your disposal to capture the creature, trying to make optimal (possibly curved) launches to increase your chances of capture.

With a good dose of luck, Mewtwo could also appear in its chromatic version (Shiny). If this does not happen, you can always try to face other Raids, until Mewtwo Shiny makes its appearance. Remember that you will have the chance to meet him until 22:00 Italian time on Monday 23 September!