Rune 2 has an official launch date on Epic Games Store

Rune 2

By publishing a new trailer dedicated to the game, the guys at Human Head Studios announced the official launch date of Rune 2, already available in September in Early Access.

As you can see at the end of the video we reported at the top of the news, the sequel to the beloved Rune dating back to 2000 will be released on November 12th on PC exclusively on Epic Games Store. The title was initially presented with the name Rune: Ragnarok, then passed to a simple Rune, to then finally embody the simplest wording for a second chapter of the series: Rune 2.

The new trailer, meanwhile, gives us a taste of what we can expect during the adventure and introduces us to the three gods with whom we can forge an alliance: Thor, Hel, and Odin, each of which will give us special powers from exploiting in battle. Players will take on the role of a Viking wanderer, so the heart of the combat system, as expected, will revolve around melee encounters.

Leaving you to watch the video, we remind you that Rune 2 will be available on Epic Games Store starting November 12, 2019. How long are you waiting for the new action-RPG from Human Head Studios? Have you already had the chance to try the title during the Early Access phase?