Steam: the new algorithm of the Research System sends developers on a rampage


Valve’s programmers have recently updated the algorithm used by Steam to manage the store’s internal search form. However, the new system adopted by the most famous videogame online store in the world is receiving a lot of criticism from developers.

Many actors in the digital entertainment industry have in fact decided to express all their disappointment by using the Steam comment form to report the issues that emerged from the latest update.

If the main purpose of the mid-September update was to optimize the section of video games Recommended so as to highlight a greater number of video games, according to the developers who are suffering from criticism the new Steam algorithm such changes have produced the opposite effect.

Quickly scrolling through the almost ten pages of negative comments accompanying the announcement of the new Steam update, the most frequent criticism seems to concern the sharp drop in the views between the pages of “Similar Products” and “Recommended Video Games” recorded by software house titles independent. Many, among those in the sector and indie developers who have decided to attack this new algorithm, fear that in the absence of immediate corrective intervention by Steam, this problem may cause serious medium-long term effects.

All this, in fact, could lead to a drop in sales of independent games and push developers to look with even more interest at alternative monetization solutions offered by the competition of the Epic Games Store.