The Witcher 3 set in the 80s? Here is what Geralt and Yennefer would look like


Inspired by the volcanic scene of the modder of The Witcher 3, the Russian artist Roman Tishenin tried to reimagine the narrative setting of the realistic masterpiece to try to understand what Geralt and Yennefer would have looked like if CD Projekt had decided to set Wild Hunt over the years 80.

The 1980s reinterpretation of Geralt di Rivia produced an incredibly refined artwork in which the Strigo sports an aggressive look that would envy the Warriors of the Night , but also the Mad Max of the good old days and that misfit of Jena Plissken in Fugue from New York and, later, from the dystopian prison island of Los Angeles of the future.

With the splendid sorceress Yennefer from Vengerberg, on the other hand, the stylistic research carried out by Tishenin led the Russian artist and designer to look to the music icons of the mythical 80s to give Yen features very similar to those of a glam star hair-drenched rock like Madonna or Cher.

At the bottom of the article, you will find the Witcher 3 Tishenin’s 80’s themed artwork, while on the pages of the ArtStation digital portfolio you can admire many other fan-made sketches made by this Russian author, many of them dedicated to the main characters of the videogame universe.