X019 London Fan Fest: Microsoft sets the date and time of the Inside Xbox event

X019 London Fan Fest:

The high-level Microsoft put the order of the busy Xbox theme appointments that await us by the end of the year by announcing the date and time of the beginning of the Inside Xbox special episode to be held in London to coincide with the opening of the X019 Fan Fest.

According to information shared by the Xbox division of the Redmond company, the Inside Xbox streaming event that will kick off the London X019 Fan Fest will keep us company on the YouTube channels and Mixer of the US technology giant starting at 9.00 pm (GMT +2) on Thursday 14 November.

As happened last year with the roaring FanFest of Mexico City, the London event of Inside Xbox directed by Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb will open a window on the main video games on PC and Xbox One, the vast majority of which are accessible ” for free “with Xbox Game Pass , between the end of 2019 and the first half of 2020.

As explained in recent weeks by the boss of the Xbox marketing division, Aaron Greenberg, there will be plenty of surprises during the X019’s Inside Xbox : at the center of the show there should be announcements of the new games that will arrive on PC and Xbox One from here in the coming months, with a spring lineup that Greenberg himself defines as the richest in the entire history of Xbox consoles. Who knows, maybe we will also receive advances on Fable 4 and on the titles that will land on Xbox Scarlett at the launch of Microsoft’s next-gen console, scheduled for Christmas 2020.

For those wishing to attend the London event in person, ticket presale will start on Tuesday, October 1st, as illustrated by Microsoft in the link that we leave you at the bottom of the article.