Alan Wake: the remastered on PS4, Xbox One and Switch coming?

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Control’s success may have had the effect of rekindling the spotlight on Alan Wake, and according to how much he buzzes on the web in the last few hours, he could actually start to move something for a comeback of the highly successful Remedy title.

On ResetEra in fact, a user reported an interesting indiscretion, according to which a remaster edition of Alan Wake, destined even to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, as well as Xbox One, would become.

The YouTuber Doctre81 first spoke about it , in the video you can find on top of the news, which revealed that a staff member of Virtuos has updated his CV on Linkedin, inserting the remake of a triple-action action-adventure, and having the study already collaborated with Remedy for the development of Quantum Break, it was not difficult to make a proper connection with Alan Wake.

Of course it is only a rumor, so we invite you to take the news with due care, and stay tuned on our pages for any updates, but in fact it is not the first time that we talk about a remastered or otherwise of a return of Alan Wake, and who knows that this time it is not actually the right time.

What do you think? Would you like it?