Anthem, post-launch support changes: the structure in Acts abandoned

Anthem Collapses

Anthem’s post-launch support has been decidedly confusing. Long periods of silence, unfulfilled timing and plan change: BioWare has made fans worry on more than one occasion, to the point of having to reassure everyone by declaring that Anthem has not been abandoned.

Based on the feedback received from the public test server participants, BioWare balanced the fighting and the economy related to the crystals, introduced additional types of rewards aimed at expanding the freedom of choice for players and included suggestions on the Cataclysm event in the loading screens. The title, by the same admission of the team, still presents several structural problems that need a lot of time to be solved.

For this reason, BioWare has decided to modify the plans for post-launch support – announced even before the release of the game – definitively abandoning the structure to acts“We have abandoned the update records structure in order to focus on long-term problem resolution. In their place, we have planned seasonal updates this year which, in our opinion, the players will appreciate. These events will introduce similar challenges to those you have already seen, and will revolve around some fun themes that we will introduce of the game, “ wrote Chad Robertson in the last post that appeared on the official blog of the game.

In any case, BioWare is not yet able to provide precise details on such long-term plans, so we can only continue to be patient. Before saying goodbye, let’s remember that Anthem joined Origin and EA Access.