Apex Legends: you can now see Crypto in action, here’s where to find it


As easily predictable, after the failed attempt to bypass the Arena’s security systems, Crypto returned to action in the Kings’ Canyon and many players have seen with their own eyes what could be the next playable hero.

Entering the Laboratory, the new area of ​​the map introduced for the Spectrum Vacuo event, it is possible to surprise Crypto and his little drone while they are trying to do something with computers. In any case, the close encounter with the hacker will be very short, since he will flee at the exact moment when the drone will signal the presence of at least one player.

However, there is very little doubt that he is the new entry in the battle royale roster with Season 3 since his appearance coincides perfectly with the one present on the Apex Legends artwork leaked on the web a few weeks ago. If this were the case, we could say with some confidence that a new energy rifle will be introduced next season and a Halloween-themed event will debut, during which an exclusive Gibraltar skin will be available.

At this point, there is nothing left to do but leave you with the video starring Crypto, reminding you that Mirage’s new Twitch Prime skin is now available.