Borderlands 3: Gearbox at work to improve performance on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

borderlands 3

To placate the spirits of all Borderlands 3 owners who are not satisfied with the performance both on PC and on consoles, Gearbox has just published a post on the official Twitter profile in which it announces that it is working on an update that will not only stabilize the framerate but will improve also the so-called QoL (quality of life).

Here is the message from the developers:

“Thank you all for the enthusiasm and support you are giving us. We want Borderlands 3 to be the best possible game and we are actively monitoring your feedback. We are also working on improvements regarding both performance and quality of life and we will provide you with new information on our official website. “

There are therefore no precise indications on the timing of publication of this patch but we are sure that it will arrive over the next few days. We also remind you that next Friday there will be a live show on Twitch during which the Borderlands 3 Halloween event will be officially unveiled, during which you can unlock numerous themed items.

Waiting for the update we invite you to read our advice on how to stabilize the Borderlands 3 framerate, valid both on PC and on consoles.