Borderlands 3: Gearbox solves the problem of cloud saving

Borderlands 3

Despite the excellent response from the public and critics, Gearbox’s latest effort was certainly not without its problems, which in fact occurred perhaps even more than expected.

One of the most serious was cloud saving, as many users reported data loss, and you’ll see how frustrating it can be, especially after spending hours on the game.

The bug of the Borderlands 3 rescues could finally be solved by Gearbox, which has released a hotfix in the last few hours hoping to leave this situation behind. The software house has in fact written to have identified a problem according to which passing from one device to another, and then returning to the initial one to continue its game, sometimes it was not shown the pop-up message asking the player which save to load, thus forcing him to start the game from scratch and losing all the data.

The bug that allowed this was identified and corrected, so it is hoped that the situation has definitively returned to normal, even if we are waiting for official communication that attests that the problem has been solved.

Did you even lose your Borderlands 3 data?