Bugs In FIFA 20? EA Please Fix This!


It is a known issue that in FIFA 19 you can’t use manual passing for goalkeepers throws, but is it fixed now? We need EA to fix it.

No Bugs for FUT

That’s the deal, don’t ruin my FUT 20 matches and we will be in good terms. I don’t want Lozano to break my goalkeeper’s legs or a flying Neymar to score a goal, or that my FIFA Players mysteriously disappear after some patch, that’s it.

Functional bugs are a serious issue and should be treated as such. That’s what Q/A is for!

What do you think? Am I being too emotional about that? Or should EA spend more time polishing the game they know they will release again next year?

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Manual passing for goalkeepers

It is not hard to find the weirdest FIFA bugs when scrolling through Reddit. We can always see someone getting impaled by some astonishing flexible leg or some crazy humping between players/lovers, but that is the funny part. Of course, when you pay sixty bucks in a game, you expect it to be perfect, even more, when it’s from an AAA like EA, but bugs are expected and somewhat fun.

The issue is when the bug is functional and can ruin your gaming experience.

I can’t handle a low throw with my goalkeeper when playing without assisted passing, even when the player is really, really close. It is an extremely weird animation and makes us lose time, something that you can’t spare when losing a match. This was never fixed for FIFA 19.

But hey! just play with bloody assisted passing! Hell, no! Even that this seems like a plausible fix, I think EA should give more attention to this and patch it for us. Manual FIFA players are people too, dude!

Please don’t make the same at FIFA 20

I really don’t care some crazy bugs when Harry Kane scores a goal, but I do care if a bug can make me lose a match.

So I don’t know if EA FIFA coins don’t care for our feedback since we will most likely buy the game anyway, but I really hope they give some more attention to bug reports this year. It can sound really unimportant for some people, but I feel like they just don’t care sometimes.