Call of Duty Modern Warfare beta players will receive a reward in the game


The in-game rewards for those who participated in the beta of a game are nothing new, they are indeed in many games to have offers, including the same Call of Duty. In Modern Warfare, however, Infinity Ward has promised something very interesting, like the blueprint version of the Hammer Shotgun.

For those not familiar, the blueprint is a sort of project, which allows Modern Warfare players to customize their weapons, which will have improvements and modifications to the standard ones, but an exclusive look. The customization of the weapons in Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be a key factor for the game, and therefore the Hammer Shotgun really seems an important reward, given that it is not clear at the moment whether all players in the future will have the chance to get it.

To have it you must have played the Call of Duty Modern Warfare demo and reach at least level 10, and at the launch of the game, you will find the rifle in the inventory. You can find an image of the Hammer Shotgun on the cover and at the bottom of the news.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be available starting October 25th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.