COD: Modern Warfare here’s how cross-play works between PS4, Xbox One and PC


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare represents a fundamental chapter in the saga of Activision’s records. In addition to representing a return to the origins, it also looks to the future: for the first time ever, cross-play features will be offered that will allow users of all platforms to play together.

Yesterday, Activision, and Infinity Ward have explained in detail the operation of cross-play. To begin with, they have specified that it will be completely optional: players will be free to activate or deactivate it at any time. Those who decide to use them, in any case, must necessarily create a COD Account, which is essential to connect all platforms and use cross-platform friend lists.

And what about the control systems? PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players, if they want to, will be free to use mouse and keyboard. They can also decide to filter matches to their liking, choosing from exclusive lobbies for controllers, exclusive for mouse and keyboard or without restrictions. The cross-play features will be extended to all game modes, without any distinction. Finally, the developers confirmed that all maps, modes and special operations will be made available simultaneously on all three platforms. Activision is still linked by an exclusive relationship with Sony, so PlayStation 4 players will still be able to enjoy some exclusives, including the early access to the second Beta of September 19 and others not yet announced. Before saying goodbye, let’s remember that Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC (via on October 25th.