Complexity Gaming opens their huge headquarters to the public

Complexity Gaming

The Complexity Gaming is a US organization among the most famous in the world and was founded in distant 2003. For some time the headquarters moved to Texas and now the headquarters of the organization has expanded with a millionaire investment.

The Complexity HQ is a state-of-the-art facility that hosts production studios, offices and a large training area for the organization’s teams and is now also open to the public under the name GameStop Performance Center.

The multi-million dollar center has all the potential to attract fans: an exclusive merchandising shop for some LAN rooms, open seven days a week. The GameStop Performance Center aims to become one of the largest eSport structures in North America, although there are many organizations that are building or planning the creation of centers of excellence such as Complexity.

The Overwatch League Philadelphia franchise even plans to build a $50 million arena.

Among others, the 100 Thieves of Nadeshot and Drake have recently unveiled their plans for a brand new structure that will serve not only as headquarters for all the teams and staff of the organization but also as a hub where all fans can buy official merchandising.