Dead by Daylight: now available the DLC dedicated to Stranger Things


Behavior Digital has announced the arrival of the new DLC for Dead by Daylight dedicated to Stranger Things, now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for 11.99 euros.

This is the synopsis released by the developers: “Stranger Things is a new chapter of Dead by Daylight. The Stranger Things chapter includes a new map, the Underground Complex, located below the Hawkins National Laboratory. The new and indomitable killer is the Demogorgone, who will oppose not one, but two new survivors: Nancy Wheeler, a tenacious aspiring journalist, and Steve Harrington, a former high school athlete with the innate talent of hunting for trouble. The Stranger Things chapter also includes two exclusive aesthetic objects: Steve’s creased rolled sleeves and Nancy’s Torn Sweater. It was the beginning of the 80s, a period marked by the Cold War and by a great basic ingenuity. Above all, a period of strange events. Top secret experiments were conducted in the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. When an interdimensional gap accidentally opened up at the Hawkins National Laboratory, an army of creatures with long curved claws and huge jaws poured into the world we know. These creatures were called “Demogorgone” by a group of local boys who had the misfortune of having to face them.

It is not clear at the moment if the expansion dedicated to Stranger Things will also be released on Nintendo Switch, on the hybrid console of the Kyoto company the game will be available from September 24th in physical and digital format. Dead by Daylight is one of the most popular multiplayer titles in recent years, thanks also to the work of the developers who have continued to support their project continuously with additional content and expansions able to conquer the community.