Death Stranding: the start will be slow to help us better understand the game


As we get closer to the ever closer publication of the title, Hideo Kojima is continuing to reveal more information related to his new ambitious open-world game, Death Stranding.

According to what was declared by the Japanese game director during an interview granted to GameReactor.EU, Death Stranding could make players feel lost, especially when they take their first steps in this new interactive world. The information to be learned will be many, but to ensure that the loss does not become a frustration, the game will have a particularly slow start and will know how to take the player by the hand:

“Yes, in itself it is a special game world. There is a lot of information, you will have new terminology, you may be perplexed by all this. But don’t worry, when you play the title, you will be accompanied very slowly in the beginning. “It’s like Terminator or Star Wars. There is no explanation or anything. It’s very simple to do so and I can do it, but the story progresses very calmly. Especially in the early stages. You’ll feel lost, but don’t despair: you’ll get used to it.” natural way. The system is explained.

Some people tell me that it looks a little Alien, where you gradually discover everything about your world, what can and cannot be done. Maybe it gets a lot of fun when you’ve completed 50% of the game. The player, for example in shooters and other genres, approaches the already strong title of certain knowledge and thinks he knows what the game is about. I didn’t want this feeling. All of them should start from scratch. Not knowing how to start and how to play the title. What I showed you makes you perplexed, but it will definitely make sense when you play”.

Death Stranding will be released exclusively on PlayStation 4 on November 8, 2019. Kojima revealed that his new game was developed within 3 years by a team of 80 people.