Deck13 unveils The Surge 2 graphics options on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X


Only a few days to go before the official launch of the soullike sci-fi The Surge 2, and so the editors of the social profiles of the German software house investigate the question of the graphic improvements planned for the versions of the title usable on mid-gen consoles, namely PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Based on the simple but incisive infographic published on Twitter by the Deck13 guys, their next roleplaying adventure can be tackled on Sony and Microsoft’s flagship consoles with two distinct graphic options.

The first option will privilege resolution and allow the cybernetic heroes of The Surge 2 to play in 4K with a maximum framerate of 30fps : it is good to specify that the 4K target will not be native but will be reached by Deck13 only ‘upscaling, with consequences in terms of definition and sharpness of the screen image that we can carefully evaluate only in the review and, day-one patches allowing, after the launch.

As for the last option available for those who will play The Surge 2 in “performance” mode, German authors inform us that it will be necessary to limit the maximum resolution to 1080p of the Full-HD standard in order to reach 60 frames per second.

Waiting to admire the video comparative analysis between the two versions for the mid-gen console of the new soulslike of Deck 13 and, obviously, the graphics comparisons with the remaining versions PC and console, we remind you that The Surge 2 will be available starting from September 24.