Destiny 2: Annual Pass free from today for all holders of Forsaken


Starting today, Bungie has decided to make a very interesting gift to all Guardians who are in possession of Destiny 2 and the Forsaken expansion.

It will be enough to be in possession of the game and the expansion of the second year to receive the Annual Pass of the Year 2 completely free of charge and then access the following contents and related rewards at no additional cost:

  • Forge Season
  • Rookie Season
  • Season of Wealth (Seraglio)

Obviously, you can also participate in the Raids that characterize each of the mini-expansions and unlock both the sets and the exclusive exotic weapons. In short, from today you will have the opportunity to expand your arsenal for free and to better prepare your Guardian just in time for the debut of Shadows from the Deep, the expansion that will start the Year 3. \ t

In case you are not in possession of the game or you have only the basic version (distributed for free some time ago on both and PS4 via PlayStation Plus), you can now buy Renegades at a discounted price and receive all content for free of the annual pass of the Year 2.

We remind you that yesterday the new Destiny 2 Shadowkeep ViDoc was released, in which the Scarlet Fortress and some of the new exotic weapons were shown.