Does Borderlands 3 install a keylogger on PC and overheat Xbox One X?

Borderlands 3 Will Be The Biggest, Most Ambitious And Fun In The Series, Promises Gearbox

It is no secret that Borderlands 3 is afflicted, especially on the PC, by numerous technical problems and bugs, however, there are now more testimonials that reveal further problems, not only on Windows but also on Xbox One X.

Several users on Reddit, ResetERA and on social networks cite in particular a problem of overheating on Xbox One X playing with Borderlands 3, both in resolution and performance mode. This problem also occurred with other recent titles (including Fallout 76), the solution seems to be to wait for a resolutive patch from Gearbox.

On the other hand, the issue concerning the PC version is different, some crackers have discovered that the version of Denuvo used to protect the game on Epic Games Store would install, without the user’s knowledge, a spyware keylogger that records all the words typed by the user on the keyboard. It is true that this is only a deduction of the crackers who tried to pirate Borderlands 3, for now without success, so we invite you to take what is reported with the necessary precautions.

On international forums, many are accusing Epic Games of having installed a particularly invasive DRM with the aim of collecting data to be sent to China through Tencent, an Asian giant that owns part of the Fortnite house. But we must clarify that the decision to use or not a protection system actually depends on the publisher (in this case 2K Games) it is also not possible at the moment to verify what problems exactly conceal the new version of Denuvo, if not a bandwidth consumption rather high. The situation is still to be clarified, we will keep you informed on the evolution of the matter.