Fortnite, Group Center Guide: how to use voice chat on smartphones


The Fortnite 10.31 update introduced the Group Center, a new feature that lets you see which friends are online, form a party and use voice chat on smartphones. In this mini-guide, we explain how to use it on your iOS and Android devices.

Below, all you need to know to use the Fortnite Group Center on your smartphone.

What is the Group Center for?

The Group Center allows you to interact with your Fortnite friends from your smartphone, perhaps while you are preparing to play a game on a PC or console. With this feature, you can see which of your friends are online, with the ability to form groups and use voice chat directly from your mobile device.

How do I access the Group Center feature?

The Group Center function is contained in the mobile version of Fortnite. If you have already installed Fortnite on your smartphone (you can do this by visiting from your device), make sure you have updated it to the latest version. Once the game has started, at the bottom of the screen you will find a button that will take you to the Group Center, where you can group before starting a game.

How to transfer the group to PC or console

If you need to transfer the party created on the Group Center to a PC or console, all you need to do is activate the app when you start Fortnite from your gaming platform.

How to invite someone and how to close the group

If you want to invite someone to the group, just play the bell blade of your friend from the home screen, from the friend screen, from the group screen or from the Bell blade menu. If instead, you want to prevent someone from joining the party, you can use the padlock icon on your avatar to block your group and make sure players can only join by invitation.

What to do if the console players can’t hear you

In some console groups, you have to choose whether the chat audio should come from the group or from the game. For this feature to work in Fortnite’s cross-platform groups, the chat audio must come from the game.

On PS4: gone to the party, select [Party Settings] -> [Chat Audio] and then choose to give priority to the game chat.
On Xbox One : [Xbox Home Button] -> [Group Tab] -> [Select Group] -> Press the Options button to switch to game chat.