Gameplay of Death Stranding: all the news on the multiplayer of the blockbuster by Hideo Kojima

Death Stranding

On the sidelines of the gameplay video of Death Stranding from TGS, Hideo Kojima has given several interviews to illustrate in detail the dynamics of the game that we will experience in multiplayer in the sci-fi universe of his next, highly anticipated adventure coming to PlayStation 4 in the first half of November.

Thanks also to the translation of Kojima’s commentary to the in-game demos of the TGS 2019 carried out by the YouTuber “Kubricked”, we thus try to summarize in a schematic way all the news on the Death Stranding multiplayer from the Tokyo videogame fair:

  • Despite being a single-player game, Death Stranding will allow us to track the progress of other users through a connection system that will show the footprints left behind them and the objects placed on the map.
  • The DS multiplayer will leverage the players’ curiosity and their willingness to build structures to change the landscape and facilitate their movements between one place and another on the map: through an in-game mailing system, for example, we will be able to interact with the other users and find out what choices they made.
  • In the stages of fighting against the bosses, we will be able to recall the “white ghosts” of the other players to receive various indirect aids: the other users will not be able to cause damage to the enemies but they will still have the opportunity to launch objects and consumables.
  • It will be possible to contribute to the construction of composite structures by collaborating with the other players: the user who undertakes the most in the realization of the work, like a bridge, will see his name appear on the structure in question. The purpose of DS, according to Kojima, is, in fact, to “give players the tools to rebuild a fragmented world”, hence the possibility of shaping buildings and structures together with Sam’s other emulators through this system based on asymmetric multiplayer. Also, for this reason, to help other users we will be able to leave objects and materials on site.
  • By choosing to tackle the same stretch of the route taken by several other players, we will see Ingame transform that particular stretch into a real road that will make travel easier and faster. The more advanced roads will allow the use of trucks.
  • In addition to “Likes”, users will be able to leave warning messages through an emoticon system similar to the one adopted by From Software for the Dark Souls series.
  • All objects left on the map can be recovered by other players: once the building materials have been removed, each item, item of clothing (especially shoes) and an item of equipment will be subject to wear and will degrade to the point of destruction if left at the mercy of events natural for too long.
  • Players will be able to use a multiplayer ping system to notify other users of the location of the most important objects and buildings, such as motorbikes and charging or resting stations. Also thanks to the ping system, it will be possible to signal the stopping points, the bases and the routes beaten by the raiders and enemies able to steal the stocks and objects on the map.

As you leave any further comment or judgment to the original Death Stranding multiplayer system, we remind you that Metal Gear’s dad’s new sci-fi blockbuster will arrive on November 8th exclusively on PS4.