Kingdom Hearts: Square Enix celebrates 17 years since the western release of the legendary JRPG

Kingdom Hearts

From their own official social channels, the representatives of Square Enix remind us that yesterday, Tuesday, September 17, falls on the 17th anniversary of the Western release of Kingdom Hearts, one of the most famous and beloved Japanese action series on the planet.

Born almost as a joke by a collaboration between Square Enix and Disney Interactive , the epic of the Keyblade hero has been able to carve out an ever-widening space in the heart and in the thoughts of the fans of adventure RPG and JRPG thanks to the obsessive care with which the team directed by Tetsuya Nomura knew how to shape a fantasy microcosm as coherent as original.

The long ride we were able to witness in these seventeen years has produced something like thirteen video games, each able to weave the plot of a narrative plot that has been able to dance harmoniously between the lucid dream of an exciting story and the solid concreteness of gameplay incisive. The unwavering passion transmitted by the community of Kingdom Hearts to the entire sector is the best business card of a saga that is able to renew itself cyclically and speak to an incredibly vast public that, since February of this year, has allowed its authors to cut the important milestone of the 30 million total copies sold.

In complimenting Square Enix and with the authors following Nomura for the incredible result achieved with the Kingdom Hearts series, we leave you with the tweet that celebrates 17 years from the western release of the first chapter and we remind you that the expansion King: Mind of Kingdom Hearts 3 is scheduled for launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this winter.