League of Legends: new record of connected users, is the most famous PC game ever


That League of Legends was one of the most famous video games of all time was a matter of course, but thanks to a recent record of users connected to servers at the same time it can now be said that the Riot Games branded MOBA is the most popular PC game ever.

In the last hours, the developers of the title have revealed that on the occasion of the tenth anniversary a live event will be held during which we will discover something about the future of the game and the next big update of Teamfight Tactics. Accompanying all this was also the announcement of a new incredible record for the MOBA, which reached a peak of 8 million connected users, a figure that reaches almost daily. This means that, despite his 10 years, this is the most played PC title ever and that the only person able to oppose it is the Crossfire first-person shooter, which is particularly popular in the East and with a record of very connected users. similar to that of LoL.

Waiting to find out what awaits us next October 15th, we remind you that rumors continue on a possible mobile version of League of Legends. Speaking of eSports instead, it seems like it’s not a good time for the Besiktas team at LoL.