LEGOs invade Overwatch with a themed event and free rewards

LEGOs invade Overwatch

Do you love LEGO and are Overwatch players? Then you can’t miss the new limited-time event for anything in the world, during which you can unlock exclusive rewards inspired by the most famous bricks in the world.

Just like in the mini-events dedicated to Ana and Baptiste, even, in this case, players will be able to receive numerous rewards completely free of charge, among which we find mainly a LEGO version of Bastion which will delight all its users.

Here are the active challenges during the event, entitled “Bastion Brick Challenge” , and the related rewards:

  • Win 2 games: LEGO icons of Bastion and his little bird
  • Win 6 games: Spray of Mercy and Pharah in LEGO version
  • Win 9 games: Brick Model for Bastion

The exclusive prizes are also returning for users who will act as spectators at Overwatch live on Twitch :

  • Watch for 2 hours: D.VA spray in the LEGO version
  • Watch for 4 hours: Tracer and Widowmaker icons in the LEGO version
  • Watch for 6 hours: Genji and Hanzo Sprays, Genji and Hanzo icons in the LEGO version

Before leaving you to the trailer of the event, we remind you that it will be possible to take these awards home until September 30th, 2019.