PES 2020: the changes coming with the first big patch revealed

PES 2020 Demo

With a post published on Facebook, the PES Development Team has unveiled all the upcoming changes in b> eFootball PES 2020, based on feedback from users who have been playing the title since its launch.

To begin with, the development studio has responded to all the players who consider the gameplay of the final game to be inferior to that of the demo, considered more responsive, more reasoned and characterized by more reliable referees. The team explained that the changes are the result of numerous bug fixes, so it would be impossible to go back without making them all reappear in the game.

After that, it focused on the future. By the end of October, the players’ responsiveness to free balls will be improved and the positioning of the midfield and defence lines will have improved. In the first case, the goal is to make sure that the players do everything they can to earn the ball and that the duels one on one are as exciting as possible. In the second, instead, the intention is to reduce the empty space that is created between the two lines of defence and midfield, which allows the opponents to penetrate easily and reach the door with a few steps. After the update, it will be more difficult to deliver the ball to the attackers.

Before leaving, the team was keen to specify that this is only “the beginning of a long journey to make PES the best football game ever “. He added: ” Sometimes it is impossible to please everyone, but we assure you that we will always do our best to provide you with a fantastic experience.”

PES 2020, we remember, is available for purchase on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Yesterday we discovered that the Juventus Edition sells more than the Inter Edition.