Pokemon Sword and Shield: Sirfetch’d will be present only in the Sword, exclusive move revealed


Anticipated by various rumours and rumours, the evolution of Farfetch’d was finally presented to the public, through the release of the first Sirfetch’d trailer.

The new Pokemon, therefore, contributes to enriching the Pokedex of the Galar Region and expanding the list of creatures of the Eighth Generation. Referred to as a Selva duck Pokemon, Sirfetch’d is a Fighting creature with the Curodecise ability. Game Freak has also revealed a new move, which will be exclusive to this Pokemon. This is Sfolgorassalto, an attack introduced by the development team in the two new chapters of the series and which can be learned exclusively by Sirfetch’d. Defined as a ” move with devastating power“, the latter sees the Pokemon launch at full speed against the opponent, like holding a spear. The effort required to unleash Sfolgorassalto is, however, considerable and, immediately after using the move, the Pokemon will be” forced to rest and will not act“.

From the pages of the official website of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, we also learn an important piece of information: the new Eighth Generation creature cannot be encountered within Pokemon Scudo. Sirfetch’d be present exclusively in Pokemon Sword. thus expands the list of exclusive creatures and Gym Leaders of one of the two versions of the game. What do you think of the evolution of Farfetch’d? At the bottom, you can find some images dedicated to Sirfetch’d.