SSBU: the community hugs around Elegant and donates over 11,000 Dollars

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Matt ” Elegant ” Fitzpatrick, a professional of Super Smash Bros Ultimate (unanimously recognized as one of the best Luigi in circulation in the current scene) was suspended by 2GGaming after a fit of anger a few days ago, in which he would have hit and broken a wall after losing a game.

In reality, as it turned out, the defeat was just the icing on the cake of stress accumulated by the boy due to factors external to the game that concerned the private sphere.

In particular, he and his family would have suffered the theft of a moving van in which it was contained all their life.

Surprisingly, the Smash community circled around the player, collecting $11,725 ​​with GoFundMe, to support it.

Many of those who donated also published encouraging comments. ” I solved his life “, ” I hope he has solved his life so that he can see it soon in tournaments! “, ” Keep it up, man “.

The organization he plays for, however, reiterated that he will have to compensate the damage done to the wall before he can return to compete. In any case, with over 11,000 fans donated to the player, he should have no problem compensating for the damage done to the wall of the Export Arena.