The first reviews of Devil’s Hunt are strongly negative

Devil's Hunt

Devil’s Hunt of 1C Company has been repeatedly presented as an action game in the third person style Devil May Cry but the overall quality of the project seems to be very far from that of the Capcom title, at least judging by the first votes.

Many reviews of Devil’s Hunt are decidedly negative and among the most recurring criticisms there is the talk of a trivial and poorly-told plot, particularly monotonous exploratory phases and a combat system not too elaborate, but there are also positive aspects such as the presentation, the settings and the fair characterization of characters and enemies.

Reviews Devil’s Hunt

  • Vandal – 7/10
  • Areajugones – 65/100
  • TIGW – 30/100
  • PC Invasion – 50/100
  • DarkStation – 6/10
  • TrueGaming – 55/100
  • COGConnected – 35/100

On Metacritic, the PC version of Devil’s Hunt (the only one available at the moment) can count on a Metascore equal to 52/100, an overall grade that suggests, therefore, that we are dealing with an interesting product but unfortunately ruined by many technical and structural defects.

Devil’s Hunt is now available on PC while the PS4 and Xbox One versions will be released in the first quarter of 2020, next year the game will also arrive on Nintendo Switch, except for changes in the race due to the warm welcome received from public and critics.