Update 10.31 of Fortnite: the group center arrives via mobile


As announced, Fortnite Update 10.31 was made available this morning, which in truth has not brought so many new features into the game, which is perhaps a bit “conserving” while awaiting the much sought after Season 11.

The main novelty of today’s update regarding Battaglia Reale is the introduction of the Group Center for mobile devices, a new way to manage groups and organize voice chats even before entering the game, for example. Also worthy of note is the correction of some bugs, such as those concerning some pickaxes that did not inflict the expected damage.

As for the Creative Mode, the only change included in the changelog is the increase in the number of basic Tempesta remote controls from 10 to 16, while a little more have moved into Salva il Mondo, where the second part of the mission of Star Shrouded, and a new weapon: the Deciblaster.

The description reads:

  • Shoot a sound burst that punches enemies and bounces up to 5 times, dealing damage in an area with each bounce. It does not consume ammunition but guarantees poor durability.
  • Available in the weekly shop from Thursday 19th to 2:00 am (GMT +2) to Thursday 26th at 2:00 am (GMT +2).

For all the other news, we refer you to the official Patch Notes page released by Epic Games .

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