A Twitter user honors Death Stranding with a fantastic Fan Art


The release date of Death Stranding is approaching great strides, and despite the fact that the game is not yet available, the latest project by Hideo Kojima has already sparked the imagination of several players and not only. It is the case of this Twitter user who dedicated a wonderful Fan Art to him.

The image in question plays on the contrast between the almost relaxing pastel colors from which it is composed, and the disquieting and gloomy atmosphere that seems to pervade the entire game, complete with a fearsome monster in the foreground. The author in question is the Russian artist Denis Istomin, and find the image in the tweet at the bottom of the news.

In recent times, thanks above all to the Tokyo Game Show, a little more clarity has been made about Hideo Kojima’s new work , given that a great deal of Death Stranding gameplay has been shown that has clarified some game mechanics, removing in part the veils that cover the project from the time of its announcement, made of cryptic trailers, unintelligible tweets and very high expectations set by those who had already tried the title.

To finally get your hands on Death Stranding, you have to wait until November 8th.