Atomic Heart: new video on Unreal Engine 4 of the sci-fi FPS inspired by Prey and BioShock

Atomic Heart

The Muscovite authors of Mundfish project us once again among the disturbing cyborgs of the alternative USSR Heart of the USSR to show us a splendid video made entirely with Unreal Engine 4, the graphic engine of their intriguing sci-fi shooter steeped in realistic elements.

Inspired by Prey and BioShock, Mundfish’s new project will use the literary and cinematographic stratagem of ucronia to project us into a dimension parallel to ours in which history has taken a different path. In this alternative universe where the Soviet Union prevailed over the United States during the Cold War years, the superior technology of the Russians will lead to a future dominated by a communist-style proletariat composed largely of cyborgs, holograms and war robots.

In this video we can observe some of these cybernetic beings struggling with our alter-ego, a KGB officer sent to the 3829 facilities to investigate the causes that led to a mysterious malfunction of the automata and their reprogramming into killing machines. Similarly to Prey and BioShock, Atomic Heart also aims to break the frantic pace of the shootings in more reasoned sessions in which the user can freely explore the settings to go in search of upgrades, rare equipment and clues to the events of the plot.

The launch of Atomic Heart is scheduled for 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, after an important alpha testing phase that should start at the end of this year involving a small circle of fans.