Borderlands 3: here’s how to get the legendary Conference Call rifle

Borderlands 3

The presentation of Borderlands 3 spoke of a “goziliardo” of weapons, and in fact, the guns found in the game of Gearbox are practically infinite, but as it is obvious there are some that are decidedly more palatable and powerful than others.

Some are for example real tributes to pop cultures, such as the rifle dedicated to Rick & Morty, or the weapon that mentions One Punch Man. Here we talk instead of a shotgun, called Conference Call, which is really one of the most valid rifles and scopes of the game, and it is also relatively easy to obtain, as we are going to explain.

It is a Hyperion weapon, so it is equipped with a protective shield, and also has a good reload speed, which instead is generally one of the weak points of this type of rifle. It also has the ability to absorb bullets, thus avoiding leaving you dry in battle, another feature that should not be underestimated.

But how can we obtain it? In practice, one of the bosses must be farmed, Katagawa Jr. on Promethea.

Go to the checkpoint at the entrance to Rhys’ office to activate it, and then enter the Katagawa Jr boss battle and defeat it. If you got the gun, yay! Test it now by blowing up the head.

If, on the other hand, the boss has not dropped the much-coveted reward, reload the game and re-defeat the boss, repeating these last steps if you are particularly unlucky enough not to have received the gun yet.

Easy, isn’t it?