Death Stranding: Kojima on in-game death and the presence of tributes to real people


The various presentations dedicated to Death Stranding held during the Tokyo Game Show contributed to raising the curtain on the first creation of Kojima Productions.

During the Japanese fair, Hideo Kojima presented to the public some of the gameplay dynamics that will characterize the new IP, directly from the stand set up by Sony at the event. Following the three appointments, the game director also granted several interviews, through which we were able to learn more details about Death Stranding.

Speaking with the editorial staff of gamereactor, for example, Kojima responded to a question related to the protagonist’s ability to tolerate fatigue. During the first session of the TGS game, for example in a sequence in which the character’s feet are framed, it was highlighted how Sam Porter Bridges brings the signs of the mission entrusted to him onto his body. However, in the course of the interview, Kojima confirmed that our alter-ego cannot die from excessive fatigue. On the contrary, falling from high altitudes will determine Sam’s death. ” But when you die – the director continued –what happens is that you have to find your body in a vacuum and then return. It’s not a game over. […] Obviously, if you have failed a mission you will come back to do it again and proceed with the story. Apart from that, it’s not a game over. Die, but there’s no game over “.

During the interview, Geoff Keighley’s cameo in Death Stranding was also mentioned. Regarding the presence of other tributes, Kojima said:” There are already so many rumors about the Internet, who will be in a cameo? There are several people “.