Devil May Cry 2 arrives on Nintendo Switch: here is the launch trailer

Devil May Cry 2

16 years after the original debut, Devil May Cry 2, certainly the most discussed chapter in the stylish-action series developed by Capcom, is now available on Nintendo Switch. The Osaka company took advantage of the opportunity to publish the launch trailer for this new edition of the title.

“Set after the events of Devil May Cry, this sequel introduces additional techniques into Dante’s arsenal to lead you to new heights of style. Use the wall race to reach an advantageous position, then attack your enemies with a barrage of fire using Rain Storm, reinterpret the role of Danteor choose Lucia, the new femme fatale that prefers daggers to bullets and makes the most of its speed with lightning-fast reflexes. Increase the Devil Trigger bar, then assume the appearance of a demon with maximized powers and speed. In the form of a demon, Dante and Lucia can use the Devil Hearts, amulets that give them special powers, such as the ability to fly, super-speed or even the ability to slow down time. Devil May Cry 2 also introduces an unlockable bonus mode, Bloody Palace, in which players are called to gain red balls by defeating successive waves of enemies”.

Devil May Cry 2 is available today on Nintendo Switch for 19.99 euros. Will you take the opportunity to return to take on the role of Dante?