Does Rockstar Games Launcher transform GTA 5 into an “Always Online” game?

GTA San Andreas

Through the pages of the Reddit forum, several Grand Theft Auto enthusiasts report having discovered, to their surprise, that they must remain “always online” to play GTA 5 on PC after deciding to install the Rockstar Games Launcher.

Lured by the offer with GTA San Andreas for free and by the features introduced by the new centralized client of the Grande R that replaces the application linked to the online platform of the Rockstar Games Social Club, many Redditor explain that they can no longer play offline in the main campaign (strictly singleplayer) of GTA 5 on your PC after installing the client.

The multiplication of users’ reports, and therefore of the harsh criticism of US developers as a result of this sad “discovery”, has thus led the authors of Rockstar Games to respond in a timely manner by declaring that “we are aware of a problem that is affecting the ability to play offline of some users, at the moment we are examining the issue “ .

At the base of this problem, according to the Redditor “Average_Tnetennba”, there would be the introduction of a double control system that pushes the firewall on the PC to block the game’s startup program: if you lose the connection to the internet or to the Rockstar servers even for just a few seconds, the error in the control system of the Rockstar Games Launcher pushes the firewall to forcefully close the GTA 5 program. Naturally, we will keep you updated on the inevitable developments of this delicate matter and, in the meantime, we cannot which advise you to avoid, for the moment, installing the new Rockstar Launcher if you are playing on the PC at the main GTA V campaign.

So Rockstar trojan horsed their new launcher into the Steam version of GTA V, and you can no longer play while in offline mode. from pcgaming