Dota 2: Valve banned some users until 2038

Dota 2

With the start of the 2019/2020 competitive season just around the corner, Dota 2 received a major upgrade to the classified matchmaking system and a series of other changes that improved the overall security of the famous MOBA.

With the introduction of the new rules, a myriad of users have been banned, some of which will be excluded until 2038. The main changes aim to solve the problem of buying and selling accounts, as well as the use of in-game cheats and generally all toxic behavior in classified tails. The bans broken in the first twenty-four hours from the entry into force of the new rules were thousands and as many were the bans. The duration of the “penalties” imposed by Valve was extraordinarily high, with some users denied access for the next twenty years. Bans were assigned based on user behavior, crossing profile data (relative to behavior) with connected telephone numbers, aggravating the duration of the ban for those who attempted to reconnect with “fake” accounts.

Valve’s move was generally appreciated by the community that expressed its satisfaction on the various social media. There is also irony, with some users who have created a guide on “how to spend the day” for banned players.

In addition to the wave of the ban, the developers have confirmed the introduction of more controls and a reporting system for those who use incorrect behavior. This is a period of change for Valve: in addition to the new rules for Dota 2, the gaming giant is preparing for the renewal of the famous Steam platform.