Escobar or DEA? Narcos: Rise of the Cartel, a game from the Netflix series, comes out in the fall

Narcos: Rise of the Cartel

After the Narcos: Rise of the Cartel trailer released in the last few days, Curve Digital and Kuju Entertainment are back in the office, this time announcing that the game based on the Netflix series focused on Pablo Escobar will be launched during the autumn on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, once again, a precise release date has not been revealed, but at least we now know that the title will arrive on the shelves before the Christmas holidays. For the uninitiated, Narcos: Rise of the Cartel is a turn-based strategic action game that will allow players to relive the events narrated in the first season of the well-known Netflix serial, both from the DEA point of view and from that of the drug traffickers headed by El Patrón.

As highlighted by the two trailers published for the occasion, it will be possible to choose which side to take, forming a team made up of components with specific roles. El Mexicano, Murphy, Peña, Primo and many other well-known characters will hold the roles of ” Leader “, and will possess unique abilities and talents useful to overturn the fortunes of battles. The pride of production is the ability to take control of the individual units in the third person, in order to attack enemies directly and inflict critical damage at the appropriate time.