Fortnite: lands on Polar Peak, Volcano and hill with circle of trees


Players of Fortnite Season 10 may devote himself to new missions Riders of the Storm, available for owners of the Battle Pass. Below we show you how to complete the mission that requires you to land at Polar Peak, on a Volcano and on a hill surrounded by trees.

It is a fairly simple mission, but one that could provide some headaches for those who would not know where to find the hill with the circle of trees around it. In this mini-guide, we show you its position.

Where to land at Polar Peak, Vulcano and on top of a hill with a circle of trees

The first two locations in which to land are fairly obvious: Polar Peak is located in the south-west, in the polar map biome, while the Volcano is located to the north-east, a Pressure Plant. Where, instead, is the hill with the circle of trees?

As you can see on the map below, the hill in question is located south of Parco Pacifico, inside the blue circle with the inscription “Circle of Trees”. So to complete the mission, you just need to land at Polar Peak, a Pressure Plant and on the top of the hill surrounded by trees.

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