Hearthstone: rain of ban due to the effect of SN1P-SN4P, Blizzard intervenes


The case: one of the most popular “Wild” players, ” Eddetector ” revealed to the Hearthstone community on Reddit that he was banned from the game for an alleged ” abuse of game mechanics “.

Eddetector stated that he considered himself a loyal player and never used cheats in the game, having more than 10,000 games played in five years.

Three days after the post in which the player reported the incident, Blizzard’s community manager Andrew ” Kauza ” Kauz published a post explaining the new policy on the use of the SN1P-SN4P card to extend the duration of the matches and how the crooks were fighting by taking advantage of the card’s effect.

” This week we spent a lot of time reading this thread and gathering all the details, ” Kauza said. “It all depends on a situation where a player can have significant extra time on his turn, even for more than a minute.“.

” SN1P-SN4P was also used by cheaters, who played an impossible number of cards in a single turn. ” For Blizzard, concerns were raised that some players used the card to play ” an impossible number of cards in a single shift. “

Kauza, however, confirmed that the bans imposed on Eddetector and many other players will be canceled. ” Given the interaction with the time-shift problem, we are withdrawing a large amount of these bans. We are also updating the procedures that led to automatic bans to ensure that only cheaters are plucked “. ” At the time, based on the information we had, the bans seemed to be correct. Only after fully understanding the interaction with the time available in the shift, were we able to re-evaluate our methodology “.

SN1P-SN4P and its annoying effect, therefore, can be played safely. Obviously, if you do not have the time at your disposal.