Hideo Kojima will present Death Stranding at the IgroMir in Moscow

Hideo Kojima

PlayStation Russia announced that Hideo Kojima will be at IgroMir 2019 scheduled for October 5 in Moscow. The father of Metal Gear will land for the first time in Russia with the aim of presenting Death Stranding to the local public.

For the occasion, we read in the presentation of the event, Hideo Kojima ” will talk with the fans and take pictures with them “, unfortunately, there are no other details and we do not know if the publication of unpublished material is expected, even if the hypothesis appears very likely. Almost certainly Sony will use assets already dubbed or subtitled in Russian for the public of the fair. Hideo Kojima recently presented Death Stranding in various countries around the world including the United States (E3 2019), part of Europe and obviously in Japan, at last week’s Tokyo Game Show.

Death Stranding is expected for November 8th on PS4 and PlayStation 4 PRO, recently Hideo Kojima talked about development times revealing that the game has occupied eighty people for about three years, the timing of development not excessive and in line with the times required by other AAA productions.