John Wick Hex: the new trailer announces the October 8th release

John Wick Hex:

John Wick Hex, the strategy game inspired by the homonymous films by John Wick, will be launched on October 8th exclusively on Epic Games Store. Bithell Games, Good Shepard Entertainment and Lionsgate Games announced it with a new trailer.

The game was announced for the first time in May, before the release of John Wick 3: Parabellum, the last film in the saga. John Wick Hex is a prequel in which all the protagonists of the series will appear starting from the main character Keanu Reeves, passing by Ian McShane and Lance Reddick in the respective roles of Winston and Charon. The trailer shows the beginning of the story and some fragments of gameplay based on the particular fighting style called Gun-Fu.

Nic Tringali, one of the developers, said he worked closely with the director of the saga, Chad Stahelski, to study all the choreographic elements to be applied to the gameplay and to elaborate old and new moves that can adapt to the set of strategic tools available in John Wick Hex.

The game will debut exclusively on PC and at a later time, it should also arrive on consoles, even if at the moment the details of the operation are not known. We remind you that John Wick Hex will arrive on October 8 on PC exclusively for Epic Games Store.