Marvel’s Avengers: Crystal Dynamics talks about the co-op Warzones mode

Marvel's Avengers

The head of Crystal Dynamics, Scot Amos, spoke on the pages of the PlayStation Official Blog to talk about the talked-about Marvel’s Avengers, a video game expected for next year and dedicated to the world’s most famous superhero group.

Amos had the chance to talk about the Warzone Missions, cooperative activities that will call players to collaborate forming a team of Avengers chosen from the list of heroes grown through the Hero campaigns of the main campaign. For the uninitiated, Marvel’s Avengers will offer two different modes: a single-player adventure entirely addressable offline and composed of tasks focused on very specific heroes, who will be able to grow and improve their skills over time; the Warzones mode, focused on the four-player cooperative and, consequently, on the interaction between the Avengers .

In this regard, Amos stated that one of the biggest challenges of the development team was to balance the different heroes: “If you look at how Thor moves in the game, or Black Widow or Hulk, how they fly, shoot or they cling, or to the strength they have, they are all very different. The challenge for us has been to be able to balance all these differences so that everyone has his role in the game without anyone being too powerful or dominant, but at the same time without ever having the feeling of always playing with the same character that only the appearance changed”.

The Warzone missions have also been designed to allow players of different levels to play together, without any limitations: “We also wanted Warzones to be versatile enough to allow you to play with characters grown in the main campaign, with all the abilities and upgrades of high level achieved, but without preventing lower level friends from joining you, so we had to figure out how to dynamically adapt the world so that a low-level Hulk and a high-level Thor would play together without the experience seemed unbalanced ”.Unfortunately, the head of Crystal Dynamics did not investigate the matter and did not reveal how this was made possible. The Warzone Missions, on the other hand, has not yet been shown, so it is highly likely that this aspect of the game has not yet been fully defined.

We will certainly be able to learn more in the coming months, as the release of Marvel’s Avengers is set for May 15th 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia. In recent days, we received a taste of Iron-Man’s powers.