Microsoft changes: the number of consoles sold and Xbox Live users will no longer be communicated

Microsoft Will Be at Gamescom

Revolution underway for Microsoft, which has decided to change its communication method regarding the dissemination of its results and sales data. In this case, the Redmond giant has announced that it will no longer be communicated sales of Xbox One, nor the number of active users on Xbox Live.

Making an idea of ​​the sales and health status of Microsoft and its consoles becomes a bit more complicated for analysts, and the company has decided to publish the data on revenue growth from now on of content and services, such as sales of games and the number of Xbox Live on the number of subscribers, cloud and game sales and add-on digital.

The news was leaked thanks to a tweet by Daniel Ahmad, a famous analyst known as ZhugeEX.

It is currently unclear whether the change of strategy is simply temporary, or whether it will remain effective even after the arrival of the new Microsoft console, the long-awaited Xbox Scarlett (name still provisional) anticipated at the last E3 and whose launch is scheduled for next Christmas season, and in any case by the end of 2020.

What do you think of the situation? Do you find the new strategy of the giant right?