NieR Automata on Nintendo Switch? Yoko Taro’s answer

Nier Automata Four Million Copies Distributed Since Launch

First announced as an exclusive PlayStation 4, NieR: Automata, recognized today as one of the best titles developed by Platinum Games and a great opera by director Yoko Taro, has also landed on Windows PC and Xbox One.

Considering, therefore, the vast distribution of the Platinum action-RPG, many people wonder why the action-RPG has not even reached Nintendo Switch, a console that is welcoming an increasing number of third-party productions among its park titles. A legitimate question, which was shot directly by Yoko Taro during an interview conducted by BunnyGaming. Below is the concise response of the eccentric Japanese director:

“[Laughing] You already know the answer, is: please, ask at Square-Enix!”.

A reply that somehow echoes that of Hideki Kamiya linked to the hypothetical publication of Astral Chain – an exclusive Nintendo Switch – on other platforms. Clearly, in these cases, it is not the developers who have decision-making power over games, but rather the publishers who own the rights. The port of Switch NieR: Automata, therefore, depends solely on the will of Square-Enix.

In a previous interview, Yoko Taro hinted that her new game could soon be announced: will it be the sequel to NieR: Automata, or a completely original project?