Nintendo Switch Lite: how smaller is the classic model?

Nintendo Switch Lite

After waiting so long, tomorrow will finally be the day when Nintendo Switch Lite becomes available on the Italian market. If you had lived on the moon in the last few months and didn’t know what we are talking about, it is a reduced version of Nintendo Switch with some different features.

First of all, it is a model designed primarily to carry around, and is therefore only available in handheld mode, meaning that it will not be possible to connect it to the TV via the dock. It also has an improved battery compared to the first classic Nintendo Switch model and has a directional cross instead of the separate keys as in traditional Joy-Con. It is also available in three colors: blue, yellow and gray.

But the most obvious difference is obviously the one concerning the size. Nintendo Switch Lite as mentioned is designed to be used outdoors, or in portable mode, so its weight and dimensions are reduced compared to the original model. But how exactly?

Analyst Daniel Ahmad, known as ZhugeEX, posted on Twitter a comparative image of the two consoles, thanks to which we can see in detail the real dimensions of Nintendo Switch Lite and its non-removable Joy-Con, are actually smaller than the Grande N. hybrid console

What do you think? Is it in line with what you expected?