No Man’s Sky, patch 2.12 available: improve VR mode, add missions and more

No Man's Sky Beyond:

The Hello Games guys have published the new 2.12 patch of No Man’s Sky, which introduces a lot of content and improvements to the VR mode for PC and PlayStation 4, introduced with the important Beyond update.

The developers, to begin with, have introduced a new type of Community Event called Community Research. By completing these events, you can contribute to the achievement of a Universal goal, which is the release of specific prizes such as exotic items that can be purchased with Quicksilver. Players eager to earn more of this currency can take on the new Quicksilver Reward Missions. From now on, one will be proposed every day in the Nexus: each mission can be completed even in the following days, but it is possible to have up to three active ones. For the more adventurous, Encrypted Missions have arrived, whose objectives remain unknown until the mission is accepted. In addition to this, new armor made by the Vy’keens were also introduced but wearable by all races (see below), obtainable from the Quicksilver Synthesis Bot after completing missions in the Nexus.

Hello, Games has also added improvements to the VR mode, both on PlayStation VR and on PC. As for the Sony viewer, the team claims to have significantly improved the image quality by reducing the blur generated by the Anti-Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA), and by removing low-definition terrain textures and jaggedness on atmospheric effects. On PC, however, unspecified optimizations have been introduced.

These are just some of the many changes made in No Man’s Sky. For more information, please see the patch notes on the official website.