PES 2020: how to earn GP easily and quickly in myClub

PES 2020

Accumulating a good amount of GPs in eFootball PES 2020 will help you improve your team in myClub, thanks to the possibility of hiring better coaches, renewing stronger player contracts and so on. Below we will explain how to quickly earn GP in PES 2020.

Following the advice contained in this mini-guide, you will get a quick and constant gain of GP, to invest in the myClub mode. Let’s see how.

Complete five online games at myClub

As a welcome bonus, all eFootball PES 2020 players will be able to get 50,000 GPs after completing five online matches with their team in myClub, challenging other users on the net thanks to matchmaking. You will get 10,000 GPs per game regardless of the result, so whether you win or lose. But beware: this bonus can only be obtained until January 9th, 2020, so make sure you use it in time.

Try all the games

While trying out the various types of games in myClub as a SIM, against COM and Classified, make sure you play some games on the field during the matches, like a shot from outside, a fake and so on. When you run one for the first time, you will be rewarded with several hundred GPs. If you want to try out the fake and new moves in PES 2020, in order to get some extra GPs, don’t forget to consult our guides who explain how to do Finesse Dribbling, new skills like Pretend chest and Reverse elastic, without forgetting the new controls for Knock on, Velo and Roulette.

SIM games

The SIM games, in particular, represent one of the most effective and rapid sources of income, thanks to the possibility of obtaining revenues without any kind of expenses. To do this, play with a team composed only of players with white or bronze ball: once their 10-game contract has expired, it will be possible to convert them into experience preparers, without the need to renew the relative contracts. White balloons, on the other hand, can be recruited using simple 2-star observatories. Furthermore, to receive even more GPs at the end of each game, you can put a couple of players with a black ball on the bench.

COM matches

Playing against the CPU will allow you to get more easy GPs. The difficulty of the challenges will be progressive: it starts from the Medium difficulty level, up to Legend as you win the games. Given that in the first matches the degree of challenge is very affordable, to maximize the profits we suggest you to play with white balls and with 4 black balls on the bench, so as to raise the level of your team to 2 stars

Play in the Master League

The PES 2020 Master League is another source of income that should not be underestimated. If you are short of GPs and need a quick way to accumulate them, you can just choose a strong team like Barcelona and skip every game for a couple of seasons, so you can earn around 70,000 GPs within two hours.

Join the Matchday

Matchday is a new weekly eFootball PES 2020 challenge that sees players from two factions stand against each other. It is possible to participate during a time window of 3 hours (from 17:00 to 20:00 Italian time), at the end of which the first 500 players of each faction qualify for the final. If your faction wins you will receive 5,000 GPs, while you will get 3,000 GPs if you lose.