PlayStation 5 could be announced in late September? There is already talk of PS5 PRO


A Sony UK Tweet in the past few hours has raised the hype for a new State of Play in late September. This event has been talked about for a few weeks now, with analyst and insider Daniel Ahmad convinced that “Sony has a second event scheduled for September, in addition to the one dedicated to The Last of Us Part 2.”

As we know, Sony Interactive Entertainment has gathered the international press in Los Angeles on September 24th to show The Last of Us Part 2 , but Ahmad says he is convinced that at the same time the company is ready for a second event to be held in the same week as declared on the pages of ResetERA .

What will you talk about in this appointment? According to some theories, of PlayStation 5 and PS5 PRO. This is what the Spanish website Marca and claim, which in two recent articles gave credit to the theory that it would like a possible presentation of the new Sony console scheduled for the end of September.

Indeed, there are those who speculate that the company can announce the console launch strategy right from the start, which would include PS5 and PlayStation 5 PROs arriving in stores simultaneously, so consumers can choose right away which of the two to buy based on your budget and your needs.

It is good to reiterate it of pure speculation, the only certainty is that Sony is currently using its energies in the marketing field for the promotion of The Last of Us Part 2, it is certain that the clues all point towards a new State of Play of upcoming broadcast.